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Warriors’ Inc. state of the art Chess House is located at 3431 Market Street in Youngstown Ohio. The beautiful and peaceful environment is a great place to relax and think while picking up a game of chess. We have a Chess House attendant onsite to teach or play.

It's FREE for all to enjoy so there is always someone there to play against.  That's right no club or entry fees! JUST COME AND PLAY CHESS!!! Whether you’re a beginner, Grand Master or just want to spectate you will greatly enjoy your time at Warriors Inc.’s Chess House.

Warriors Inc.'s Chess House Operation Hours

Tuesday : Thursday 2:30 -7:30 pm

Sat: 10:00am - 3:00pm


To Be Announce: Chess classes and tournament dates 

Golden Steel Plate

What is Chess?

 a game for two players in which each player moves 16 pieces according to fixed rules across a checkerboard and tries to place the opponent's king in a position from which it cannot escape.   (Merriam-Webster on chess.)

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Golden Steel Plate

Improves Concentration/Focus: Players must be concentrated while playing this game. In chess, consistency is very important. Even if you make 99 good moves and just 1 mistake, it completely turns the table.

Improves Memory and Intelligence: Chess training can boost your memory and increase your IQ level. This has been proven in many scientific studies.

Improves Imagination, Visualization Skills: While playing chess you need to think deeply, have to move the pieces in your head to imagine the various positions and then make decisions.

Develops Patience: The classical format of the game consists of 60 mins + 30 secs increment for each player. The game can continue for 3 to 4 hrs. This needs a lot of patience because players know that one single mistake can cost them a whole game.

Develops Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills: Every time you are faced with certain problems to solve while playing chess. This forces you to think and find a way out of the situation. To solve one problem there could be many ways, we need to eliminate bad options and reach the best moves.

Develops Planning Skills: Planning is very important in Chess. One needs to plan his attacks or strategies to defeat the opponent. It has the same importance as we have seen in the historic battles.

Enhances Calculation and Decision-Making Skills: Chess also trains calculation and decision-making abilities. Every move we play is based on some decision; our decisions have the impact on the whole game. To make right decisions, players need to calculate.

Elevates Creativity: There is a lot of scope for creativity. When one starts playing chess and feels it beauty then he will understand the creativity of great players.

Increases Self Awareness: Our brain is active all the time. We must be alert while playing chess it avoids making big mistakes.

Stimulates Brain Growth: Game of Chess exercises both sides of the brain. It also helps in the growth of dendrites. This keeps us away from many mental disorders. 

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