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Golden Steel Plate
Golden Steel Plate

Fathers eagerly anticipate their babies first step.

Fathers patiently walk beside their sons and daughters throughout lives journey.

Fathers enjoy watching their adult children repeat these same steps as they begin to have their own family’s

In the end we are blessed to walk in our fathers’ footsteps.

Golden Steel Plate

Warriors Inc. honors all the milestones a father experience. As we walk the beautiful historical Wick Park, our Fatherhood Walk will,

  • Give an opportunity to encourage Father at any stage to realize that a positive influence on their children is crucial,

  • Allow diversity as fathers of every age, race and faith will come together with one thing in common…FATHERHOOD!

  • Provide the fathers of our community with a fun event for them to spend quality time with there children young and old.

Image by Omar Lopez
Fatherhood Wick Flyer 1.jpg
Golden Steel Plate

This event is part of our Fatherhood Initiative Program. Warriors Fatherhood Initiatives’ objective is to improve the well- being of children by promoting positive fatherhood involvement within the family unit and community. Research shows that high levels of father involvement are correlated with higher levels of sociability, confidence, and self-control in children.